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Choose your own 

Total Words  digital library

Our Total Words digital library contains the full range of our instructional reading books with skill-focussed, accompanying learning activities.

Easy-to-read topic books, designed for rapid increases in reading vocabulary, accuracy and speed are ideal for whole class topic reading, guided reading and for students who are motivated by concise texts.

Why Digital?

The Total Words Library offers digital versions of our books and learning resources that can be accessed online to

be read on tablet devices, laptops or classroom whiteboards.

We've taken a step forward in delivering accessible reading resources to all

students through our digital library.

We want students to be motivated by their own learning progress and by interesting topic details. We value inclusive learning where all students can learn topic details, have opportunities for shared learning and informed topic discussion and targeted skill development.

Our digital library delivers affordable reading and learning activities on a hygienic platform for teachers, students and parents to use.

How Does it Work?

Useful to Know

Simply head to our digital library page and select the Total Words books and resources you want to buy.

You can purchase each Total Words

book separately.


Once you've purchased your Total Words books, you will be sent an email confirmation by our platform provider Flipsnack. On your first purchase, you will be prompted (in an email from Flipsnack) to set up a "Read" account. All future purchases will then appear in this account.


You can access your Total Words Digital Library in your "Read" account (on one device at a time) with your log in details at any time.

Access and print all activities direct from the online library. Our additional reading comprehension activities, which include: Reading for Information, Remembering Details, Topic Thinking Skills, Research Projects, Pre-Teach Activities, Vocabulary and Language Extension  are all available to print for FREE.

(Just remember to choose 'fit to paper size'

on your print settings too!)

Effective Digital 


Learning Resources

Personalised Learning, means each pupil can select topics and learning activities that suit his or her own individual learning needs.

Paper-free, means no sharing of hardcopy books. A cleaner way to

learn and read.

Digital Reading, means teachers and students can access reading material and print off supplementary activities from school or at home. 

Get the most from

our digital library

Our digital User Guides provide essential information for teachers so that they can

use Total Words books most effectively. 

Our digital library offers teachers: 

  • Printable record sheets

  • Easily measured reading progress data

  • Researched Topic Information content

  • Group reading resources 

  • Impact programmes

  • Individual reading libraries

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