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Under the Sea - Topic Research and Thinking Skills

Challenge Readers: 300 - 600 Total Words

Under the Sea - Topic Research and Thinking Skills

$250.00 Regular Price
$175.00Sale Price
  • Five titles describing aspects of life under the sea – using submersibles to explore the deepest ocean trench, great sea creatures, hunting for long lost treasure ships and the massive tsunami that shaped Britain.


    This box contains 30 x books for classroom reading, with 6 x copies of each title.


    1 x Pre-teach Activities resource booklet

    1 x Reading Comprehension Skills resource booklet

    1 x USB Stick (containing printable versions of Pre-teach Activities and Reading Comprehension Skills resources)

    1 x Information for Teachers guide


    The 5 x titles include:


    1. Treasure Under the Sea: The Wreck of the Atocha

    2. Squid vs Sperm Whale: The Battle of the Ocean Giants

    3. The Deepest Dive

    4. Making Tsunamis: The Rockslide Under the Sea That Shaped Britain

    5. TBlue Whales and Krill





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