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Pirates - Whole Class Topic Research and Thinking Skills

Curriculum Readers: 800 - 1300 Total Words

Pirates - Whole Class Topic Research and Thinking Skills

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  • No make-believe pirates stories here.


    Within these five titles that portray the real life events of real pirates, these books detail the rules that pirates drew up to govern life on their ships, the weapons they used, their fashion and the raids they carried out.


    This box contains 30 x books for classroom reading, with 6 x copies of each title.


    1 x Pre-teach Activities resource booklet

    1 x Reading Comprehension Skills resource booklet

    1 x USB Stick (containing printable versions of Pre-teach Activities and Reading Comprehension Skills resources)

    1 x Information for Teachers guide


    The 5 x titles include:


    1. Captain Wickstead Meets George Lowther

    2. Henry Avery the Short and the Successful Career of a Pirate

    3. Pirate Fashion – Madagascar, 1698

    4. Pirate Rules and Captain John Phillips

    5. The Success of the Sultana: Sam Bellamy’s Richest Raid

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