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Curriculum Onwards Impact Programme - SATs Option

Curriculum Onwards Impact Programme - SATs Option

(Curriculum Readers: 800 - 1300 Total Words)

Curriculum Onwards Impact Programme - SATs Option

$250.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price
  • Total Words Impact Programmes are 30 day programmes designed to increase reading skills through focussed skill practice. Each package includes 30 books, 30 different titles, one book for each day of the programme. 

    The Curriculum Onwards Impact Programme—SATs option—delivers the resources for year 6 students to practise reading the quantity of text at the speed required to complete SATs exams. In addition to the 30 reading texts, the SATs option includes comprehension questions with specific practice in finding details in text, an essential skill in formal reading assessments. 

    Students completing the Curriculum Onwards Impact Programme (SATs option) can read one book a day for 30 days, 1000 words a day, 30,000 words in 30 days and complete comprehension questions for each book, recording their word totals and comprehension successes each day.  


    What is in this package? 


    • 30 Total Words Curriculum Books (800-1300 words) 
    • Comprehension Sheet with each book
    • Student 30-day Reading Log
    • Guide Sheet 



    What can teachers use these packages for? 


    The 30-day pre-SATs challenge for year 6 students – 30 days of reading to read 30,00 words.


    Measure students’ reading speed to make sure can read at the required speed for SATs exams. 


    Provide daily comprehension practice, finding details in text.

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