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Bones - Whole Class Topic Research and Thinking Skills

Curriculum Readers: 800 - 1300 Total Words


Bones - Whole Class Topic Research and Thinking Skills

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  • Bones are more than the 206 components of our skeleton. In these five  books we describe bones as the blood-making factories in our bodies, examine what happens when bones break, look at historical uses for bones through the work of rag and bone men,  follow the forensic story that bones revealed in the mystery of King Richard III, and describe joints and the sports that rely on them.


    This box contains 30 x books for classroom reading, with 6 x copies of each title.


    1 x Pre-teach Activities resource booklet

    1 x Reading Comprehension Skills resource booklet

    1 x USB Stick (containing printable versions of Pre-teach Activities and Reading Comprehension Skills resources)

    1 x Information for Teachers guide


    The 5 x titles include:


    1. PAIN! Broken, Dislocated and Repairing Bones

    2. Olympic Joint Medal Tables

    3. Old Bones Tell Their Story: King Richard The III

    4. Bone Marrow, Blood Cells, Stem Cells and Transplants

    5. Rag and Bone Men





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